Macros Dissappear and Automatins Fail, have to recover from backup

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Dear Microsoft Community, 

This has been an ongoin issue for years.  Although we used to get the VBL7.dll ERROR now no error is present but occasionally the file for whatever reason becomes corrupt.  What typically happens is that all of the code just dissappears. I see my code modules but there is no code in there, its like Excel just wipes everything out.  


We have a backup process, a macro, that runs ever 20 minutes to backup the file since this file is highly sensitive. But this process failed.  We recovered the file from the backup but unfortunately we had done some work so we had to re enter everything in there.  This happens from time to time and we cannot explain the trigger or why it happens.  It is a nuisance since for one its a highly sensitive file and two it causes us re-work.  Has anyone ever seen this? Or can offer any help?






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