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I shut down my computer after work on 8/16 for updates (Windows and Microsoft).  When I started up o 8/17, I found that I no longer have access to my macros which I use daily for my reports.  They no longer show in the list.  If I open VBA, they are there, but I cannot run them.  Trying to run them from VBA or by using my buttons causes Excel to shut down.  If I hover over the buttons, the path shows the document name with "pagex" at the end.  There were some security updates and I feel like I've been denied access to use them, but I am not sure.  It seems like it could also be some kind of change in sharepoint permissions.  My helpdesk person was only able to suggest the things I found online and repairing the installation. Neither helped. They have escalated the ticket, but they are in Asia so it is already Saturday for them and I don't expect to hear back from them until Monday.  I can get to the XLSTART folder even though this update hid the roaming folder.  I am not sure where the macros are actually stored, but it appears that I only have access to see them in VBA vs being able to use them now.  Does anyone have a fix for this?

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I'd start by clearing the Trusted Documents cache at File | Options | Trust Center | TC Settings | Trusted Documents - clear.


If that fails, solutions listed here for a similar issue are worth a try:

Macros from the internet are blocked by default in Office - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn

So after extensive time with my help desk, they figured out my problem.  The company I work for is implementing new security protocols for SharePoint.  Apparently there are 2 channels where you can be installed, monthly and semi-annually.  To fix my problem, they changed me to the semi-annual channel and noted that I would be an exception for the updates because they would prevent the use of macros.  However, they didn't figure this out until they did a complete uninstall and reinstall without considering that I had customizations to my Excel and Word PLUS it somehow removed the custom Excel templates I had created.  They were saved wherever Excel had suggested in the past and that location no longer existed after their reinstall today.  I made that into a good thing by updating how I wanted my templates to be and I added some new customizations, so I'm not even as mad about their losing my data as I was.  I have saved the new customizations in case they forget to put me on that exception list as they said they would.  In this picture where it says semi-annual enterprise channel, it used to say monthly enterprise channel. I hope this helps someone.