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I have a calendar in an Excel workbook. How can I set a reminder when a date/time approaches for an event to occur.




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@Frank Drucker 

In order to get a reasonable answer that suits you, it would be an advantage if you informed about your Excel version and, if possible, about your operating system.


Here are some possible solutions


1. A simple example in the file "Kalendar" without VBA.


2. It depends on which version of Excel you have.

Reminder function in Excel: How to proceed

    Go to "View" in the menu.

    Click the Toolbar, then Customize.

    In the selection list go to “Categories” and then “Extras”.

    Select “Create Microsoft Outlook Task”.

    Hold down the mouse button and drag this command into your Word toolbar.

    Release the mouse button and close this window.

If you are now working in Word or Excel and you have the document or table open for which you want the reminder, simply click on the icon previously added to the toolbar.

The "Create task" field now appears. In this window, enter the “subject”, the desired “due date” which you can simply click on in the calendar sheet that opens, “reminder” and “priority”.

Click on “Save and Close”.

Now Outlook will remind you of your task at the desired date!


3. Here something else in VBA. Is an old sheet that someone sent me from a website, etc., look at it, looks interesting. Might maybe fit your needs.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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I'm using Excel 16 with Windows 10.


Don't understand your directions. Could you be a little clearer as I'm just a beginner with VBA.




In some Office versions such as Excel for Web or Online, the VBA options are very limited, to put it mildly.
Office also runs on mac and some also on linux, so the questions.

Hope you have not confused with it, or possibly annoyed.

Did the files I sent you not work? ... or is that not what you want to achieve?

Thank you for your patience and time.

I know I don't know anything (Socrates)