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Hi, I am seeking help on how to get rid of an ActiveX command button that I put in a worksheet and somehow I messed it up as I was trying to give it a label. Now, it will not let me do anything within the worksheet. I cannot delete the button, or even get out of the worksheet. Is there a way to get rid of this? Every time I click anywhere within the worksheet a box pops up and says "Reference isn't valid."  

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On the Developer tab of the ribbon, in the Controls group, click to highlight Design Mode.

Can you now select the button and delete it?


When I am on the Developer Tab, none of the buttons are enabled. I cannot select any of them as they are all greyed out. I keep getting one of two different messages when I try to close the worksheet or click on anything, I either get "Reference isn't valid" or "Cannot Close Microsoft". I am new to doing this type of stuff on Excel as it is for a college program. I thank you for any and all help that you can provide on this matter.

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You're probably best off by discarding this workbook and either going back to a backup copy from before the problem, or by re-creating it from scratch.

It would not let me delete the file or even just exit out of it for quite some time. Eventually I was able to close it and then deleted it and re-created it from scratch. Seems like a time waster but I got through it the second time. Thank you for your help! It is appreciated.