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Hi there, am unable to save a macro-enabled excel file 

saving it correctly as .xlsm file but error pops up 

please help

all my colleagues could save it but am unable to do so 

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Many possible sources of error:

For example, it could be write-protected or a file with old Excel format.


However, it is good if you insert a file (if possible without sensitive data, please) where this error occurs. This is the best way to identify the source of the error and offer you the best possible solution.


Thanks in advance for your patience and time.



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Hi Nik, thanks for looking into it.
How to insert a file into an excel file?
This file can not be saved as simple excel file so I can’t choose anything other than macro enabled excel and it should automatically take it.
I wonder why the error reads ‘ it can save without some features”??
What is the latest edition of excel provided by Office? If you share that too, will inform the creator of the file to check that at his end


Writing in English was never my forte, so I always recommend that a file (without sensitive data) can help much better.

In order not to write down every single step and especially the possibility of the source of the error.

I recommend uploading a file (without sensitive data). Thank you for your patience and time.


Thank you for your patience and time.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

Can we have a time when you could rather do team viewer session with me and look into my screen and do the amendments to get it saved ! It’s an official document so I am not allowed to upload or attach the document you see


To protect both of us, please do not use TeamViewers or files with sensitive data.

I am probably not allowed to see the file for data protection reasons, otherwise I could face legal action on the part of your company.

I don't think that would be pleasant for me and for you either.

Or load a file (if there is no sensitive data) and send it to me via Internet upload

(for example via:

Send me the link via private message here in this forum.


So we are both correct about data protection.




I know I don't know anything (Socrates)