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I have quite long makro which runs for about an hour. I want to add a progress bar or some kind of life status update to see if macro doesnt crush or how much time to end. Unfortunately I don't know how to do this so I am waiting for your kind advices

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I assume that the macro contains one or more loops.

In such a loop, use code like this - the exact contents depend on your code of course.

        Application.StatusBar = "Processing row " & r & " of 10000"

At the end of the macro, reset the status bar using

    Application.StatusBar = False


@Hans Vogelaar 


Thanks for such a prompt reply! As I understand I need to paste this code to any loop in the code? I forgot to add that macro also stops screen updating. Will this bar be visible in such a case?


I attach one of my macro loop, another loops are very similar and have only different folder names.

Public Sub TEST_INV() 
Dim A As Integer
Dim B As Integer
Dim X As String

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

For A = 1 To 100 
S = Sheet2.Range("A1").Value   
d = X & "_" & A
B = ActiveCell.Column
C = B - 1
E = B + 1
    ChDir S & X
    Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
        S & X & "\" & d & ".xlsm"
    If Sheets("Sheet1").ProtectContents Then Sheets("Sheet1").Unprotect
    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
        "=SUMIF('[" & d & ".xlsm]Sheet1'!C1,RC[-" & C & "],'[" & d & ".xlsm]Sheet1'!C6)"
   Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range(Cells(3, B), Cells(6356, B))
   Range(Cells(3, B), Cells(6356, B)).Select
    Windows(d & ".xlsm").Activate
    ActiveWindow.Close SaveChanges:=False
    Cells(3, E).Select
Next A

Application.ScreenUpdating = True



If you have separate loops: yes, in every loop.

If you have nested loops: in the deepest loop, or if that is unwieldy, in the next outer one.


The status bar should still be updated when ScreenUpdating is set to False, but depending on what's happening in your loops, it might be intermittent. It helps to add a line




in the loops, but that slows down execution too - you'll have to find a compromise.

I followed your advices and it works, status bar is being updated even after Screen updating on false.

Thanks a lot for your help!