Macro on Excel (16.0.15225.20204)

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Hi, after the latest Office update (16.0.15225.20204), my company has problems opening excel files with Macros. I have tried in every way to enable them but I can not get over them.

I have enabled macros, set the trusted path and disabled all types of file protection, but it keeps crashing the macro. The file is located on a network location.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

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Recorded macros mostly contain "instructions" like... select, selection, active cell,

but this makes the workbook slow and error-prone.

Have you tried using a module instead of a macro? that such problems could perhaps be eliminated. just a thought :).



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The problem is that with the latest update, Microsoft has blocked any type of Macros if the file that contains them is on a network path.
Currently I have moved the macro files to a local path and enabled the path itself as a "trusted location". The problem is that these files have to be used by multiple people, so every time you make a change, different people swap it. This brings us a great slowdown.