Macro Keys and Keystrokes not working - Pleased Help

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I ran into an issue where suddenly my macro and keystrokes have stopped working entirely. I use a 60% keyboard that does not have function keys so when this all started it was because i had to use a function. I used the FN key with which ever function i needed. Long story short, the function did not work initially so i had to go into the keyboard's settings to play around and be able to get it to work. Once i was able the get this to work, all of my macros and keystrokes have not worked since. I have tried everything to get them to work again. I factory reset my keyboard, reset my PC, reset excel, played with all the sticky key settings in windows settings, i reset the apps, changed keyboards and nothing will work. All of the settings for macros being enabled are still the same in excel, nothing has changed. One thing to note - on my short list of instructions on how to enable macros from the project i am working on, it states that i have to disable hotkeys from right-clicking my desktop and pulling up "Graphic Options". i never had to do anything with this in the past, it always has worked just doing the settings change in excel. And my desk top does not have that option anyways   to disable hotkeys - maybe since i have an NVIDIA GPU that overrides it? i am not sure. Anyway, i really need help to get my keystrokes to work and register again. Thank you for your help.

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