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I am using an IFF file from Quickbooks into Excel.

I need help creating a formula and/or a Macro.

I would prefer it to have a drop-down search function.

The example is you type in the part number it returns the whole bill of material plus their QTY usage in columns next to it

Example: Type Part Number


Bill of material consists of

Fruit (Top-Level)

Bananas 3

Apples 4

Cherries 9


Searching through Column A until you arrive at the first cell that contains !ENDASSEMBLY

This is the starting point for finding the Top-Level Assembly

Once you locate !ENDASSEMBLY (In column A) go down one row and over one column (Column B)

That will be the Top-Level Assembly

Undeath it while still reading column A will be all the bill of material once you find in column A ENDASSEBMLY the bill of material ends and it's time to search for the next bill of material.

Also in column J will be the QTY of the bill of material used.

I would like to be able to see,

The top-level assembly then below the Bill of Materials and to the right of that the quantity needed for each part of the bill of materials.

Not all bill of materials have the same amount of parts.  




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Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) files are ASCII text, TSV (Tab-Separated Value) files?

Could you please provide some .IIF file dummy data and your expected .xlsx result?