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I have added one Add-In in excel. I am  trying to record the macro in which I am clicking one button specified in the Add-In say 'Reload'. But in Macro script its not showing that step. It is not accepting that selected the click.


Is there any other requirement to configure for such add-in's?


I have attached the image file for reference...

As I mentioned, the Database is the added Add-In, and am clicking the reload button ion it.





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Hi Sarang,


There is no attached image!


Anyway, the macro recorder does recognize only the most native features and tools in Excel and their components because they are predefined in the macro recorder.


You cannot get an add-in and wait for the macro recorder to recognize it!

There is no definition in the macro recorder related to this add-in.






I actually have the same problem. I added this specific tool and need to share the doc with my team. I want to avoid them using the different macros so I was trying to run a script which allows us to just press a button and activate an action that is contained within this add-in.


Is anyone keen on helping us?


Thanks in advance

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