Macro enabled excel file in network location access issue

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I have a macro enabled excel file saved in my company's network drive. Since the last microsoft update I am unable to access this file and giving a security risk message. I tried changing the trust centre settings and even added the file path to trusted location. Still the same issue. Please help

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I have to ask again for my understanding.


You start Offline Excel Offline (Desktop App), i.e. not in the network.

Then file - open - find the file and you're done. Macros running... Is this correct?


If you open the file in the network, then macros do not work. This could not be because you might not be opening the file with the desktop app, but with the Excel for web (Internet)....could it be this?


Alternative options: Take a file that is stored on the Sharepoint server, then take it, no matter how it is "accessed", and save it locally on your own computer. Then you open it from there with the Excel desktop version. And the macros should work... Or not.

The other variant, you double-click on the same file and the file opens directly for editing. With which Excel app (you have already confirmed an existing Office365) does this file open with a double click?

With Excel Online or with the Excel Desktop App?


If none of this helps, I recommend that you contact your administrator and draw your attention to the problem, because an update could have gone through and some settings changed. As always with networks, always inform the administrator.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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