Macro code for filter, protect, save and send email

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I have a slight problem with macro code and have tried several different approach but nothing has work, can some one help me with my problem.


I have excel workbook where I calculate sales persons (54 persons) provisions every month. This workbook has 9 different worksheet which I'm manually filter every month by every employee and after that protect worksheet so the employees won't see others provisions and then save each workbook separately and send these workbooks to employees once again separately. This procedure takes a LOT of time and I now that there is some macro code which can do this work for me probably in minutes.


So the questions is:

What kind of code will

1. Filter each worksheet by employee name

2. Protect the worksheet so employees could not see others information

3. Save separate files in designated folder

4. Send these files to designated email adresses.


Huge thanks in advance if some can crack this problem for me.




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