Mac Excel 16.45 not updating all cells

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I use my too complicated workbook as a Spanish flashcard study aid. The Flashcards spreadsheet allows 4 configurations:

- Within a selected group of cards, using cells A1:B1, display cards in Alphabetical or Random order. Random order is achieved by assigning to each card and random number using the RAND() function and then determining the sorted order of the random number.

- For both of the above choices, using cell A3, you can choose to display both the "front" and the "back" of the card at all times (A3=Show), or show the front side but hide the backside (A3=Flash), then, if you do a recalculation, both the front and back are shown simultaneously. This is accomplished using ITERATION=1 and circular reference that flips between 0 (show both sides) and 1 (show only the front side) on each recalculation.

In the configuration A1:B1= Random / A3 = Flash, the flashcards in columns C & D do not reliably reflect the data extracted from the Flashcards_Data spreadsheet. In the attached sheet, the extracted values are shown in columns O:AN.

I have tried forcing dependencies, I have checked for erroneous equations. I have tried different ways (a direct reference and use of the Offset and Match functionsto pull the data from columns V & AC with no success. I am out of ideas.

Help please.

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