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I'm trying to set up a web query. I have a table which has two columns to be involved in the web query. In one column I want to be able to place an item number for a product at lowes.com.
In another column I want the price of the item to be automatically taken from the web page and updated at least once a day.
Basically, I want to be able to enter an item number, and have it automatically put the price of the item in the correct column.

When trying to find the price of an item at lowe's, one must go to the search bar enter the product number and usually the user will be directed to the item page where they clearly see the items price.

I'm trying to set up a construction estimate sheet with the prices of products automatically being pulled from Lowes when one enters the item number.
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The way you put it is more confusing? try take your time and write the problem one step at a time
1. I have a table with two columns.
2. In the first column, I'd like to put an item number.
3. In the second column, I'd like a web query to enter the item number from the first column into the search bar at Lowes, and then snatch the price for that item from the page it's redirected to after the search.

Result: one column with an item number, another column with a price for the item, kept up to date.

Is this possible with Excel?

Is there a workaround to make it possible?
Do you have a sample data?
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Typing this into the search bar at Lowes should bring you to a page that contains the price. The price is different depending on what store your "shopping at".
I'd be willing to pay if someone can make this work for me.

Manually searching for the item numbers is exhausting, and then I'd have to periodically look up the prices to keep them up to date.

@LinearGraphs @ - It isn't exactly what you are looking for since this references Home Depot, but it may generate some ideas and point you in the right direction.  Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TUb8hnlk-g .  He also has a website that offers free and paid options.  Hopefully this helps.