lot of VLOOKUP, IF, IFS made too slow.

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a excel file, having 40 sheets, 400 rows in every sheet, containing at least 400 VLOOKUP, IF, IFS.

this makes the file too slow while editing single record. any solution for the same.

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My money goes to the VLOOKUP formulas. How many columns of VLOOKUP formulas do your sheets have?


Plus exclude IFS and use nested IF instead. Former evaluates all conditions, latest stops evaluation on first TRUE.

And performance could be affected not only by formulae. That could be excess ranges formatting or conditional formatting, whatever.

Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try it.
I have reduced the number of records per sheet from 400 to 150
It means
Vlookup in a single column 150
Number of columns is 10
Number of sheets is 35
It means 150x10x35=52,500