lost the rest of my excel spreadsheet

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I have been working on a excel file for days.. just have not closed it.  But pressing the save button.  I know I had saved it to my hard drive.  But thinking maybe the one drive short cut has over ridden it.


so I had finished it and closed it and then when i opened it today there was only one sheet in it.. everything else was gone.. it had about 10 sheets in it.


I am not sure on onedrive.. usually i save everything to my hard drive.   but when i go to my harddrive there is only a link (onedrive) and not the file.  

I have never set up onedrive.


just checked and the one drive file extension for my spreadsheet is a CSV.  


is there any way to get the rest of the file?

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CSV is not an Excel workbook. Your other sheets are lost. Formatting is lost. Formulas are lost.