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I have lost the macros of my workbook. I looked in xlstart folder; and, nothing. I've opened other workbooks and executed macros with no problem. 


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As far as I know (but that doesn't mean much), the only file type .xlsx cannot save VBA codes. If you try to save VBA codes with this file type, you get a warning every time. These warnings have apparently been consistently ignored.


Here is some information about self-help

1. Repair a damaged workbook
Click on File> Open.
Click the location and folder that contains the damaged workbook.
In the Open dialog box, select the damaged workbook.
Click the arrow next to the Open button, and then click Open and Repair


2. Repairing a corrupted workbook



If the file does not open at all, then open the file with Openoffice first, the file will be opened safely. But it is very likely that if the macros are gone, they cannot be regenerated.


3. There are also external tools with which one could try it out.

Stellar Excel Repair Tool




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