Lost excel file

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I updated an excel file. I thought I saved it.  However, I can't find it.  What do you suggest ?

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How recently did you do this updating and saving? I sometimes find if I just use Excel's ability to open recent files, it will find it, and then I can save to where I meant to save. So those most recent are often listed when you just go to File...Open.
Thanks for your suggestion. It was in the last hour that I used this file.
I just tried to go to recent files in excel. When i do that I get a blank file. What do you think I should try next?

You'll need to give us a lot more details of your normal filing habits. Do you, for example, use OneDrive or any other cloud service? Do you store all files on your own computer's hard drive. Are you missing just this one file?
How many folders do you have where you could have inadvertently stored it in a spot other than what you intended?


Are you on a Mac or a Windows machine? I'm a Mac user, and the Finder program, that lists files, has the capability of listing "Recent" files.......  On a Mac, that's where I'd go.

This is the only file that is a problem.  I store the file on my Laptop--it is a PC@mathetes 

I'm sure there's a way to search for files on a PC too. I just don't happen to know how.....