Loss of cell formats after saving/opening

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In a file I use every month for reporting, I faced with a problem as I saved it: after I saved and closed, once I opened it again, I realized that Excel 2016 supressed all formats of all cells in once. I checked if file format did not change, but file format is the same as usual, it means the latest one supporting macros. 

I have then rebuilt all cells formats again, saved it and closed, and I had the same problem for the second time. I tried a third one, and once again, I just see raw figures without format. Can you help me please?

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Hi, I've noticed something similar -
1. After saving, closing and reopening all column widths have reverted to default setting.
2. Any formulae entered are deleted but, to be fair the value obtained by the calculation is retained.

Both of these issues are fairly trivial and the work I'm doing (for myself) unimportant in the greater scheme of things. However, I can see that if this type of thing was happening when I was still working and designing spreadsheets to derive data for parametric CAD/CAM software it would have been most irritating.

Excel version: 2203 (Build 15028.20160 Click-to-Run)