Losing Hyperlinks in Office 365 and OneDrive

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Hello, first-time poster here. I hope someone can help with a dilemma I'm experiencing. I have an Excel 2016 workbook which contains 2 worksheets. The first worksheet consists of icons I inserted. I wanted the icons so that I could rotate them to suit my needs. Within the icons, I created a text box and inserted a hyperlink in each one that referred to a specific cell in the 2nd worksheet. In regular Excel, the links work great. However, when trying to test/edit in Office 365 or OneDrive, I find that all of the hyperlinks have disappeared, as well as the ability to create any new ones. This has really stumped me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks!

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Does it work if you use the HYPERLINK function in a regular cell? Use it like so:

Suppose cell A1 contains the name of a worksheet, then enter this formula in another cell (note the # and the single quote characters!):
=HYPERLINK("#'"&A1&"'!A1","Click here")

@Jan Karel Pieterse Ok, I opened up the spreadsheet in Office 365 and pasted your link example in a cell. It did appear as a link with the text Click here as the name of the link. I received an error referring to either an invalid link address, or a permissions issue. I've attached the message for you. This may very well be a permissions issue, unless I did not use your example correctly. What do you think? Thanks for your help with this!

Can you post:
- The exact HYPERLINK formula
- The content of the cell that formula is using

@Jan Karel Pieterse Hi Jan, I have attached 3 screenshots. 1st one is the test spreadsheet image, showing the icon placement and the text box within it that is holding the hyperlink. 2nd one is the link formula. 3rd one is the second spreadsheet in the workbook showing the cell that the link points to. This is in Excel 2016 (non-cloud version). As I mentioned before, when trying to work with this setup in Office 365, the hyperlink completely disappears and there is no functionality to add one back.

It is important that the unusual placement of the icons/text boxes remain this way, as I am trying to emulate a floor layout of a department here. I've tried to accomplish this in Word and Visio as well, but keep running into roadblocks. I hope this explains the situation more fully. As always, I appreciate your input on this. Thank you!

Have you tried using the "Place in this document" category to create the link?

@Jan Karel Pieterse Omigosh, that seemed to work! I had never used that option before, so I wasn't familiar with that particular functionality. I will test this several times and let you know how things are going, but it is looking pretty good right now. I really appreciate your help with this, thank you very much!!!

You're welcome!