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Needing help with lookup values. Every time I try to enter the lookup value for my HC and hours worked my data for my Sum_ev (under the date) changes. I have merged my 2 queries and am having issues.

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See the attached version. You may have to recalculate (F9) since the workbook refers to another workbook that I obviously didn't have.

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That worked perfectly. I was trying to do that formula but for some reason I kept missing something. So, lets say I wanted to add all 3 shifts together for that day to get for the day as a whole. So, I would have to add another column to sheet 2 for a daily total (all 3 shifts combined). I've tried several times but something is not working.


New version attached.

I want to thank you for all your help to complete this project. My boss absolutely loves his spreadsheet. I understand the Index match formula so much more. Now to work on VBA codes to automate this thing to do a save as and rename it with the next month on the '30'th tab. Still trying to teach myself the codes.