Lookup Value Based on 2 Citeria and Multiple Tables

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I have a need to narrow down and select information based on criteria selections.

 Step 1 lookup the discipline (civil) and return the abbreviation code (C), not shown.

 Step 2 select the group that is a subset of civil (roadway) and return the abbreviation code (RD)


 Step 3 select the sheet type that is a subset of discipline (civil) and group (roadway) and return the abbreviation code, such as detail (DTL).


The blue area is user input with drop down lists. The orange is where I need the correct codes to show so that it can all be combined to create the file name.


Your ideas are appreciated.


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Create a flat table with only these columns (repeat the information in a column if there are multiple items in the subsequent columns):
Discipline Code
Abbreviation code
Group Code
Once that is in place you can simply use a handful of Slicers to filter this table.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thank you for the response. The slicers are a great tool. However, how do i apply them to 1000 rows that will be different for each row?

Not sure what you mean?