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Do you know if it is possible to save an excel file in a sharepoint with formulas (basically vlookup) with reference to other files? or it is not possible?




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 It is possible to save an Excel file with formulas, including VLOOKUP, in SharePoint. SharePoint allows you to store and manage documents, including Excel files, in a collaborative online environment.

When you save an Excel file that contains formulas, such as VLOOKUP, to SharePoint, the formulas should work as expected as long as the referenced files are also accessible to the users who have access to the SharePoint site. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Permissions: Make sure that the users who have access to the SharePoint site also have appropriate permissions to access the files referenced by the formulas. If the referenced files are stored in other SharePoint document libraries or network locations, ensure that the users have sufficient permissions to view and edit those files.
  2. File Paths: If your formulas contain file paths that reference other Excel files, ensure that the file paths are correctly specified and that the referenced files are accessible to the users. Relative file paths are often more reliable than absolute file paths when working with SharePoint.
  3. Linked Workbooks: If your Excel file contains links to other workbooks, you may encounter issues with updating links or broken links when the files are saved to SharePoint. Make sure that the linked workbooks are also stored in SharePoint or in a location accessible to all users.
  4. Excel Calculation Options: SharePoint Online may not automatically recalculate workbook formulas in real-time, especially if the workbook is stored in a document library with the "Quick Edit" feature enabled. Users may need to manually trigger a recalculation or open the workbook in Excel to ensure that the formulas are up-to-date.

Overall, saving Excel files with formulas, including VLOOKUP, to SharePoint is supported and commonly used for collaborative work and document management. Just ensure that all users have appropriate access permissions and that the referenced files are accessible to avoid any issues with the formulas. The text was created with the help of AI.


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