Lookup date from one table within date range in another table


Dear colleagues,

I have a table with list of names and their vaccination date. Next table contains the names and when they were hospitalized from – to.

Vaccination table Hospital table  
Namevaccination date NameHospitalized fromHospitalized toWas hospitalized in the time of vaccination?
Adam15.02.2021 Adam01.01.202114.02.2021No
Adam15.03.2021 Bart25.02.202128.02.2021Yes
Adam15.04.2021 Cindy04.12.202110.12.2021Yes

The task is to find for every name if the hospitality date from – to passes with the vaccination date.

I was thinking of filtering vaccination table by name and use this result in xlookup? Or double xlookup?

Thank You for any hint.

Zdenek Moravec

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=IF(NOT(ISNA(INDEX(T_Vacc[Name],MATCH(1,(D3=T_Vacc[Name])*(E3<=T_Vacc[vaccination date])*(F3>=T_Vacc[vaccination date]),0)))),"Yes","No")

Maybe with this formula. Enter the formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021. 

Thank You very much.
And if I want to return the passed vaccination date instead of Yes/No?


=IF(NOT(ISNA(INDEX(T_Vacc[Name],MATCH(1,(D3=T_Vacc[Name])*(E3<=T_Vacc[vaccination date])*(F3>=T_Vacc[vaccination date]),0)))),INDEX(T_Vacc[vaccination date],MATCH(1,(D3=T_Vacc[Name])*(E3<=T_Vacc[vaccination date])*(F3>=T_Vacc[vaccination date]),0)),"No")

Do you want to return the date between the hospitalization dates?

This formula returns the day of vaccination between the from and to date of hospitalization in my sheet. If there isn't a within date the formula returns No instead of a between date.

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As variant

    d, FILTER(
        T_Vacc[vaccination date],
        T_Vacc[Name] = [@Name]
        (MAX(d) >= [@[Hospitalized from]]) *
        (MIN(d) <= [@[Hospitalized to]]),
    IF(check, "Yes", "No")


=IFERROR(INDEX(T_Vacc[vaccination date],LARGE(IF((D3=T_Vacc[Name])*(E3>=T_Vacc[vaccination date]),ROW($1:$9)),1)),"No")

Do you want to return the last vaccination date before the hospitalized from date? Enter formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021. 

@Quadruple_Pawn, thank You very much for a quick response. This works perfect! I have been using Excel for 25 years, but still don't know, from which end to start to build a megaformula by solving tasks like this ... then I see Your response and I say "exactly this way"...
@ Sergei Baklan, thank You for a modern solution. This is the way, how to learn new functions ...