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I have a program written to vlookup names and match information for golf league payouts. The program used to pull this information changed the format. How do I lookup a name (Ron Worrich) on a different worksheet formatted as Ron Worrich (7) to pull the information needed?


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basically I would try to clip the lookup range based the length of the lookup value. Something like this:
=XLOOKUP(A1,LEFT(OtherSheet!$A$1:$A$999,LEN(A1)),OtherSheet!$B$1:$B$999,"not found"))


XLOOKUP() works with wildcards, 5th parameter:


@Sergei Baklan, worked great thanks. Now, how do I not count or eliminate  Bl[Last, Name] from the below list?

Worrich, Ron

Sampson, Ralph

Jordon, Michael

Bl[Sampson, Ralph]


Russell, Bill

Bl[Harper, Bryce]

Tatis, Fernando

DeGrom, Jacob





that could be

=XLOOKUP("*" & Name & "*", ...)