Looking to use unique identifier to fill out remaining entries

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I have these two workbooks. Previously I have used INDEX / MATCH (5x times) to get the desired effect that I want, is there a specific set of formulas which I can use to get multiple values from the member number to get the five entries which I need to fill out. Thank you. 

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I guess you need to fill data into the 5 columns to the right of each ID. Not sure why INDEX/MATCH or similar doesn't work - formula will be populate within the column automatically and with proper designed formula you only need to drag it to the right to fill other columns.

INDEX/MATCH does work, but I have to do it 5 times for each column, is there are way of doing this only once?


Afraid I didn't catch, copy/paste formula to another 5 columns is just few seconds second.


I assume formula is like

=INDEX(Table1[[Forename]:[Zip Code]],
  COLUMN()-COLUMN(Table2[[#Headers],[MemberNo]]) )

another columns are empty at the beginning, then with copy/paste they shall be filled (don't drag)