Looking to Sum multiple rows that match dates

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Hello I'm, looking to sum all the values below on a specific date.


It's easy enough to get the date in that is field and it's easy to make searchable.


Such as Enter Date, let's make cell A2


Now I know countif can return the number of times that A2's value appears such as 4/1/2022 would be 3


What I want to do is sum the rows of each appearance into one cell. So all of 4/1/2022's entries summed would all together be $21 for one cell for example.


I think I am close on the formula it finds each instance then sums the 6 rows below, then sums all those together. But I am having trouble with the formula, I want it to be able to easily pick a date.


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A 365 solution:


This looks to be what I am looking for thank you!
Glad the solution fit your needs. It helps to have up-to-date software!