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Hey! We run a contest monthly where people enter their names when they workout. Then we attach a random number and pull the top 8. I need a way to link to another worksheet to "void" those names that have month in the previous 12 months. Is this possible? If so, how?

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@Hope_Skelliter In the attached is a workbook with 3 sheets:

ThisMonth => List of all people signing up

PastWinners => List of past winners and the month date they won in

Elidgable List => a filtered list from ThisMonth excluding X # months based on cell C2

The PROBLEM with this is that the names have to be the same.  It is not smart enough to know that David Spade is the same as Dave Spade.  If you required them to include (and used) their unique member ID# that would be much better.

This is amazing! Thank you!!