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I have a spread sheet where I am tracking my sales vs. my budget. My weekly budget is the same all month, so I need to have the cell calculate the following. 

Week 2 is Cell G10 minus I26*2 then divided by I26*2. 

Week 3 would be E21 minus I26*3 then divided by I26*3 

I just cant seem to find the right formula to get the percentage to come out correctly. 

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That would be








But why the jump from G10 to E21? Is there a pattern to that?

Thank you for the help.
The jump is the way the sheet is laid out. Reads like a book left to right top to bottom. Has up to 5 weeks. Very simple, but it works for my needs.


I think you'll have to do the formulas as in my previous reply.



Does this formula return the intended results? The formula is in cell J26 and filled to the right.