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I have created an Excel workbook that has multiple worksheets and multiple users will need to be able to access it.


However, I need each user to only be able to access the worksheet relevant to their name and make it so that they are unable to see the content of the other worksheets within the workbook.


Is this possible?



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In Excel 365, you can use various methods to control access to specific worksheets in a workbook and restrict users from seeing the content of other worksheets. Below is one approach using Excel's built-in protection features:

  1. Worksheet Protection:

    a. Open your Excel workbook.

    b. Click on the worksheet tab you want to protect for a specific user.

    c. Right-click on the worksheet tab and select "Protect Sheet."

    d. In the "Protect Sheet" dialog box, you can set a password if desired, but as mentioned earlier, password protection isn't highly secure.

    e. You will see a list of options for different actions that users can take on the sheet. To restrict users from viewing other sheets, uncheck the "Select locked cells" and "Select unlocked cells" options.

    f. Click "OK" to protect the worksheet.

    g. Repeat these steps for each worksheet, customizing the permissions for each user.

    h. Save your workbook.

With this method, when users open the workbook, they will only have access to the sheets for which they have permission. They won't be able to view or edit the content of other worksheets.

However, this approach offers basic protection and may not deter users who are Excel-savvy. For higher security, especially with sensitive data, you should explore Excel's more advanced security features or consider using other document management systems.

Remember that the actual steps may vary depending on your specific version of Excel 365, and it's always a good practice to keep backup copies of your workbook in case any issues arise with sheet protection.

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