Locking a column in a table formula

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in a normal excel formula (not in a table), I can lock a cell reference with a $, e.g.  $A$1 locks in the cell to copy the formula.  How do I accomplish this within a table formula to lock in a column, say column A in a table? 

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@Timothy_Neumann  You can read more about locking cells here:

$A$1 locks columns and rows

$A1 locks columns only

A$1 locks rows only

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@Timothy_Neumann I believe you can find the answer to your question here: 



Thanks for that link, exactly what I was looking for, great explanation



The $ doesn't work in a table formula, structured reference


For anyone reading this: using this trick has massive performance downfalls when used repeatedly in big(-ish) tables. Just spent 2-3 hours fighting performance issues with a file that had a ~500-row table and ~100 columns, where even just opening the file took about 2 min. Removing those "fake range" references eliminated the issue completely.