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I run a warehouse that people request parts from and have decided to create an excel sheet for them to use to send the requests on. Most of the time they just copy and paste from another document which changes the formatting on my document. 


How do i lock the formatting on my document so the pasted info doesn't change it? 

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In the Home Tab under Format you will find "Protect Sheet"
Sorry i didn't read your question right. i thought you wanted to protect your sheet.
when you copy and paste you can select what you want to paste by clicking right hand mouse and select paste special. there you can select what you want pasted, or you can select "Keep Source Formatting" this will paste everything except format. or hold down "ctrl" button and press "K" this will paste as "keep source Formatting" hope this works.

@Andytcc i am looking specifically for something i can do on my end that stops the user from being able to make format changes. I'm dealing with 30+ shops in 19 states so teaching them how to paste without format changes isn't practical.