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I am using the loan amortization template. I entered all the information for the loan, but it only calculates and displays 10 payments. I can manually enter the next payment number and it calculates and displays the info for that payment. How can I get it to fill in the table without manually entering every payment?

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Take a look at this little example (file), believe that this will help you :)



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I'm looking for the same answer.  I want to see all of the payments for the duration of the loan.

@Pat_Mutzabaugh I am also looking for the same thing and see no good answer yet! Seems like the template simply needs to be fixed.  I suppose you could add a new tab for each set of 10 payments but that's a lot of work when the problem seems to be the person who created the template. I wish they'd get on here and answer the question.  I have a 3 year loan with 12 monthly payments per year so I should have 36 payments and a 0 balance at the end but I only have 10 payments.  It makes no sense. 

"the template"

There are many templates out there which purport to calculate payment schedules. I'd be happy to forward your suggestion to the Microsoft team responsible for templates that Microsoft produces or distributes--there are others that they don't, of course--but would need to know which template is the one you are talking of.

Hi @MMoorman11,  @Pat_Mutzabaugh@Bk4hire


If you talk about the following Loan Amortization Schedule template:




IMHO the template works as expected. BUT, the Table (starting row #13) initially consists of 10 rows + the header (Payment Number, Payment Date...), hence the only 10 payments you get by default


If you have more than 10 payments, just increase the number of rows of that Table by resizing it (see para. Resize an entire table manually in Resize a table, column, or row), that's it :)


A 36 months loan amortization ex. is attached (No change applied, just resized the Table)


2022-07-24 Edit: Added a Conditional Formatting rule + a note on Actual number of payments. If the cell is highlighted there's not enough rows in the table ==> Resize it

@Lorenzo I appreciate your reply but I'm using a template because I don't have time to take a lesson on how to build something in Excel so my opinion is that the template should have been built to accommodate, and automatically include, whatever number of payments someone needs.  I'll look at your attachment but I think I already found a better template.  

When I open Excel and go to templates, it is the template that says Loan Amortization template. There are not "many", only that one.


You hadn't named it before, not with caps, so the description was generic...and for what it's worth, there are many on the internet. You even acknowledge as much in your reply to @Lorenzo , saying that you've found a better one. I hope it is the turnkey solution you want.

I understand your frustration. Fortunately, I happened to have an older version of the template saved on my computer, so I have been able to use that. The older version worked fine. I don't know why they changed it. If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it.
And it is just that simple! Drag the lower right corner of the table down until all of the payments you want displayed are shown. Then use the format painter to copy the cell format and apply to the new area. Thanks!

@TyBedrock Thanks for the positive feedback. Please take a look at the Edit on previous poste from Apr 27 2022. Hope this helps

@Lorenzo@mathetes  Is it possible to have different "Extra Payment" amounts rather than the static option amount which the entire ExtraPayment column depends? I've found an Amortization Schedule w/Irregular Payments calculator, but the irregularity is limited to week, month, quarter, etc.. I need the irregularity capability to be per-payment for the life of the loan, whether that means an early pay-off or not.

I've been careful to not overmanipulate the data/formulas by using the Show Formulas option and stay within the confines of the template, but there's a LOT going on here behind the scenes.


No time to look at this these days + I'm not sure I fully understand what you exactly mean with "I need the irregularity capability to be per-payment for the life of the loan, whether that means an early pay-off or not"

A sample showing exactly what you expect would help (if you can't attach it, share it with i.e. OneDrive or any other file sharing service)
And please mention your Excel version + Operating System (Windows vs MacOS)

Easy fix, go to the empty cell just below your last month, in my case it went to month 10, in the box below 10, type in month 11, and repeat on down the column and it solves your problem. Have a great day. SOrry only a couple of years late on an answer. 

I am looking for an Loan Amortization template that works a little differently. I need to be able to plug in a dollar amount, add a percentage and have it do compound interest for every month for unlimited years. This is for property Liens that are on record that have not been paid.