Live-scrolling not turned on?

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak we are being asked to work from home. I use very large worksheets regularly for my job, but for some reason on my home computer live-scrolling doesn't seem to be turned on and I can not find out where a setting for this might be. Does anyone have any idea?


By live scrolling I mean to scroll I have to slide the scroll bar and the worksheet does not update and reflect the location of the scroll bar until I have unclicked the bar with my mouse. scroll lock is not on and everything else seems to function as it should.

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Not heard of that.

There's an answer here that may help

Hope that helps

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@Wyn Hopkins 

This is perfect thank you. After reading through the link you sent I noticed that poster was also using a virtual desk top. That has to be the connection because I am also remoting in to my work PC. To update this post the location of the setting are slightly different with windows 10. its Control Panel>All control panel items>Ease of Access Center> Make the computer easier to see> uncheck "turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible).

I experienced the same thing. And now, after 3 years of putting up with this issue, I finally discovered this setting. It has mostly been answered above, but in the current version of Windows 10 (like 21H2) the setting is on the "Ease of Access" page under the heading "Simplify and personalize Windows", the switch is called "Show animations in Windows". It needs to be turned on. Also, when you use Windows RDP to connect to a remote computer, it will always turn it back off on the remote computer, unless you change your RDP connection first. Under the "Experience" tab, change "Detect connection quality automatically" to either "WAN (10 Mbps..." or "LAN (10 Mbps...)" and also make sure the "Menu and window animation" option is checked. Then it will stop turning this off on the remote machine every time you connect.