Live data updates from web to excel

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Hi, how to get live data from the web to excel? 

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@HemangShah74 Perhaps Power Query?

From the Data menu --> from Get External Data --> click From Web
In New Web Query windows enter the URL address
I wish to analyze live updates from the finance site. which can be refresh automatically on period set.
thank you, dear, but it's not working.

@HemangShah74 "the finance site". Which one? What Excel version are you on? Windows, Mac?

Hello Riny, I use windows and the finance site is

would you please give more details,:

What is version of Excel you use?
Is the live data public can you send the URL, or from certain online database



@HemangShah74 You need to be more specific. Which data you want to connect to? Power Query might definitely be your way out here, but perhaps not.

Hey Riny, Sorry for the same. I am using Windows 7 and the link is as under.

@HemangShah74 Just saw your post with the extended link to a page with a large table. Are you familiar with Power Query?

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Nope. Please guide me.
It's only for office 2010 and 2013. Anyway thanks for your replies.