Little pro tip: paste values into 1 cell

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Recently came about this little trick on how to paste multiple cells into one, and wanted to share.


You probably know you can make a selection and then perform Ctrl+C / Ctrl +V to copy-paste that selection. However, this will paste the selection into multiple cells. You could also try to paste into the formula bar, but this won't work either.


The way to do this, is to open up the clipboard pane. Do a Ctrl+C on your selection. Then click in the formula bar (or press F2 as a shortcut). Next, click on the copied item from the clipboard pane to insert it. Et voila, you'll have everything pasted into one cell.


Official documentation on how to use the clipboard pane:


Bonus tip: If you want to manually type multiple lines in the same cell, instead of pressing enter, you press Alt+Enter to go to the next line in the same cell.


I also made a short video to demonstrate this, if you'd like to see how this is done: (sorry for the obnoxious thumbnail)

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Faster will be to use Windows clipboard. To paste latest copied (into formula bar, whatever) Win+V+Enter.