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I've created a drop down list using data validation in one column of a table.  All of the current table rows show the drop down list when I select one of the cells in that column.   However, when I create a new row in the table by adding data to the next line the drop down list is not carried to the new row.


How do I get the drop down list to carry over to new table rows?  Is there something I'm missing when creating the drop down list?


I've tried using another table as the source for the list as well as tried just typing a comma delimited list in the source box in data validation.


Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14026.20202) 64-bit

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How are you adding new rows?
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@nccentral The data validation (DV) settings will work when you start typing on a row directly below the table, but indeed you will not see the dropdown arrow until some valid entry is in the cell. When you right-click on the last row of the table and select insert, row, below a new row will be added and the dropdown icon will show in the relevant cell(s). Alternatively, select the bottom right cell in the table and press <Tab>. This will also add a new row with all the DV settings as you expect.