List of students with excel formula

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Hello Everyone,

I have students details - 

Screenshot (4171).png


Conditions is - I want to name of students with the help of formula which - 

1. Between 0-15 Kg

2. Above 15 but less than or equal to 20 Kg

3. Above 20 Kg


Please help..??


Here is a attach file..


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Hi @Excel 

From your picture you do not seem to have XL 365 but maybe 2019. In which case in C2:

=IFS(B2 < 15,1, B2 <= 20,2, TRUE,3)

Hello L z,
Sir, It give only number. I want list of name according to conditions.

I am Using Microsoft office 2019 Home and Student

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Problem misunderstood - sorry & Thanks for providing the Excel version




I'm not a big fan of IFERROR so when I can avoid it I do. If you pref. a version with IFERROR to avoid the COUNTIFS let me know. See attached file

Thank you so much sir. it helps me a lot