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I have a spreadsheet where I have columns for service provider name, address, phone number. The next 12 columns are the name of a service they provide.  They made provide more than one so in the row with their name, address and phone number I have put an "X" in the column of the service(s) they provide.  What is the best way to put them under each service they provide? 


Service, Tricia Neal, Central Street, City, ST, 800-000-0000


My goal is to list the service and under each one their name, address and phone number.

What would you think is the best way to accomplish this?


Thanks for your assistance.






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=FILTER($A$2:$A$17&" "&$B$2:$B$17&" "&$C$2:$C$17,D2:D17="x")

You can use FILTER function. The formula is entered in cell D19 and copied across range D19:O19.


Thank you so much for suggesting the filter.