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I am trying to make a list of amounts that are all the same from a spreadsheet.  I have a whole year of medical charges that I"m trying to organize by amounts.  Such as $35.00 are all my copays, $25 are my deductible for labs, etc.  Please let me know how to achieve this action.   Very clever and inventive solutions come from here!  Thanks

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Hi @ettybayibsongay1956 


why don't you just sort your table by the amount column? This way you get all records for a specific amount one after the other.


The FILTER function allows you to filter a range of data based on criteria you define.

FILTER function

Note: This function is currently available only to Microsoft 365 subscribers.


Filter data in a range or table

Use filters to temporarily hide some of the data in a table, so you can focus on the data you want to see.


In order to be able to make you an exact and suitable solution proposal,

more information is required from you. Excel version,

operating system and a file (without sensitive data) with your plans,

where you can explain step by step what you want to do based on this file.

Here is a link with information on how to come up with a quick and tailor-made solution proposal.

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