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I am trying to prepare a cashflow forecast dor a conference with three event budget spreadsheets already prepared.  These sheet are all in the same format.  Ideally, I'd like the user to select which budget model they want to see the cashflow for and then the formulas in the cashflow sheet go to the correct budget sheet and reference the required cell.


That is, if they want to see income for 500 attendees, the cells reference the income line of teh budget for 500 attendee and gross it up for the GST implications.  These then all shift when the user switches to 700 attendees.


I can't find a way to change the sheet referenced by formulas. Can anyone help?



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It would be quicker to solve if you have a version of the file, a few lines 10 to 20 rows of a version of the sample data+ you get a reference sample file for yourself.