Linking slicers with pivot tables

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I have a question guys, why when i try to link this slicer to a certain pivot table, she doesnt show up in the report connections, what should i do?

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PivotTable/Chart slicer you may link to the object built on same data, is that the case?

yes i think, i dont know much about, im learning, i just dont know why the sheet named ''Grafico de despesas'' dont show up there in report connections


Slicer is connected to the PivotTable/Chart or structured table, not to the sheet.

sorry my bad, so trying to connect the Slicer to the pivot table, but one of my pivot table that i created doesnt show up in the report connections


Does it aggregate the same data as other PivotTables?



Sorry, when i don't know. If data source is EXCACTLY the same for each PivotTable/Chart slicer shall be connectable to each of them. Perhaps you may share the file to check?

sure, where i can send to you? email?


You may attach to your reply, just remove confidential information if any.