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I am creating a workbook to track food costs for each recipe.  The Ingredient List is the Master Sheet that has all the ingredients and their costs used for all the recipes.  Each additional sheet will have a recipe.  I want to link the costs from the Ingredient List to each recipe sheet.  For example, if the price for butter increases on the Ingredient List, then the butter will automatically increase in all the recipes that have butter.  How do I write that formula?


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It would be better if you share a sample workbook (attach a sample file to post). I assume XLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, VLOOKUP, FILTER all these functions should work. Without seeing samples it is hard to suggest exact formula.



Thank you for your reply.  I don't see the clip to attach the workbook.


You can upload the workbook to a cloud store such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. Then obtain a link to the uploaded file and paste that into a reply.

Alternatively, you can send the file to @Harun24HR in a private message.

@Hans Vogelaar     

I finally figured how to attach the link.  

The Ingredient sheet is the master sheet with the ingredients, units and costs. The units are

ounces.  The additional sheets are each recipe/cake.   I need to create a formula to calculate the cost for each cake.  The Brandy Carrot and Sour Cream Cocoa recipes have their ingredients listed.  Is there a formula to link the ingredients on the master list to each cake?  


An example:  If the cost of vanilla increases and I change it on the master sheet I want the increase to appear for every recipe that uses vanilla. 



See the attached version. I had to change some of the ingredient names to make them the same on the master sheet and the recipe sheets. For example, I split off the word "grated" from "Coconut, grated".

Thank you. I realized I entered the incorrect unit for the flour. It should be 192 ounces not pounds. What is the formula to change the cost of ingredients from the the ingredient list?


Change C20 to 192