Linking Multiple Excel Sheets

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I am using Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

I am trying to set my worksheets up with the following logic:

If a County Provider's name changes in Column F and it has the Code/Modifier in Column C then any occurrence of those two things need to change in all worksheets in the workbook if the County Provider's name changes in Column F. I have attached a sample of my data. I have attached a sample of my data.

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You've had 39 views and no replies. I am going to suggest--and I hope you can accept this--that the reason might be that your data is simply not organized in a way that allows Excel to do much with it. You've created a layout that is visually attractive, but not truly amenable to the kind of functionality that you appear to be seeking.


But it's also hard to know what the functionality is that this is meant to provide.

  • WHY are there as many as three names in each of the boxes under the "County Providers" heading? In a well-designed data structure, each of those would be in a row of its own.
  • WHY does the tab for "Group 1" appear identical to the one for  "Master Group 3"?? That kind of redundancy doesn't make any sense, again, in a well designed data structure. You're asking that a change in one be reflected in the other, but why are there two to begin with??


So could you back up and tell us what this is all about in the first place.

I had to remove PII from my spreadsheet before I uploaded. I have a user that sent me a spreadsheet with multiple names in the County Providers column. She requested that her spreadsheet be linked so that when one of the names in the County Providers columns changed, she wants that name to change in all of the other worksheets. The problem for me is that she only wants that name to change if it has that same Code/Modifier on the other sheets. I do understand that my problem is a bit confusing because the request itself was confusing to me. I just posted with hopes that someone could help. I appreciate you looking at my post and responding. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps my user needs to present her data in another way to achieve the results she would like. Thanks again for your feedback.