Linking information between two sheets

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I have made a workbook to track our sales team.  I have a main page that has all the leads and the workbook has individual pages for each salesperson and their own leads.  I add comments on each lead.  I would like to import the data from the individuals page into the master page so that whenever I update the individuals page, the information is also updated on the master sheet.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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On the Master Page, insert formulae that point to each of the records on the individual pages.


Where Rep1 is the name of the individual sheet and cell A1 on that sheet contains the data that you want to appear on the Master Sheet.

Thank you.  I have tried doing that but it keeps saying there is an error.  I put  A2:F9  @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP 

In a single cell, use ='sheetname'!A2 where sheetname is the name of the individual sheet, and then copy that formula across 6 columns.