Linking excel to word to collect data

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I have a rental company.  I have created a quote sheet that calculates all of the different services we offer using VLOOKUP to search other worksheets and it works great. and I love it.  

I want to use the same quote sheet to track potential customers by pulling the quote worksheet from excel into word providing me with their information, such as name and the price quoted.

Please keep in mind that the data entered in excel will be changed after each quote so I need to import the entered data so it stays on word without backlinking to excel. If that's possible.

The reason I want the data is to keep a running document with potential customers' info for future look-ups. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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@Joey_P258 Theoretically you could use the mail merge functionality to pull excel data into word and place in into specific locations within that document.  Without knowing how complex your quote form is, it's hard to say if that's more efficient than just copy/pasting. 


As I'm thinking, I'm wondering if using Microsoft "forms" might be an option.  This is a different workflow than you described, but once a quote form is completed, all data entered would be stored in excel.  It auto creates a new row/record each time the form is filled out.  While you can create a custom list using drop downs of various products/services, I don't see an option to auto update those dropdown lists based on data coming from excel.   This is one drawback. 


Unfortunately, those are the only two ideas that come to mind at this point.    




Thanks I'll check out your suggestions