Linking Excel to Word - issue saving the word document

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I have an excel workbook that I have linked to a word document. The word document is our annual financial report and there are multiple sheets in the excel that are linked to the document. They are mostly working fine with the exception of 2 sheets.

When I link the info on these sheets to the word document, the word doc will no longer save, it just permanently has the status saving. If I delete the links for these I can again save the document. These 2 sheets are linked to pivot tables so I don't know if that is causing the issue.

Everything worked earlier in the year, when this problem arose I rebuilt a new excel file in case the other was corrupted. Also if I link these 2 sheets to a fresh word doc that won't save either.


Any ideas / solutions on what might be my 

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how many rows of data are in those two sheets

are you using the classic pivot table or power pivot

30 rows and 50 rows on the 2 sheets. Using classic pivot table



Can you elaborate when you state:

I have an excel workbook that I have linked to a word document. 

how did you link the workbook, and how many workbooks have links to one word document?  (this is important because each time a file process accesses another file it would need a time slice thread) so if you have 100 excel workbook links to one word document it would mean a chunk of hardware resource being spent on each link.  I would probably suggest doing a power query to each workbook data set in one excel workbook, and create all your pivot tables in that one workbook then link that one workbook to your one word document so there wouldn't be file access conflicts because each link updates x number of times x 100 links that would create a resource conflict.


Thanks for getting back to me. I have 1 excel workbook and 1 word document. They are linked via Copy and Paste link, Excel Worksheet Object, in the word doc.

There is only one Pivot table in the excel workbook that is linked to the P&L and BS sheets that are causing the issue. 

Some of the data in the sheets that are linking fine to the word doc are linked to the P&L and BS sheets.



Try doing a linked image (so no one can mess with it since it is just an image)  try that see if it solves the problem.

No, get the same issue with saving



Try posting your issue at:

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That's where Technicians that work for Microsoft answers besides volunteer helpers, I've never seen an official Microsoft CSR answer on this community, only MVPs