Linking data from master sheet into monthly date tabs

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I have a excel sheet with a mixture of dates and text and trying to link the dates into month tabs from January to December

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@Karen281910 The first step you need to take is to make sure Excel recognizes each date as a true date. Any "date" that is left-aligned, isn't recognized as a date by Excel. Currently only about 290 of the almost 1600 cells in the Date columns contain a valid date.
If your data would have been structured like this:


it would have been far, far easier to setup a page on which you can simply select a period to see all activity in that period. Or to just filter the above table on the (single!) date column and on the Building column for example.


@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thank you for reply, out of interest how did you format the structure in the example given?


I manually copied and pasted (Paste special, transpose option) some cells of your table to create the sample table.

@Karen281910 Attached is a file where I used Data, Get Data to transform the table into the structure I would suggest to use

Thank you for the attached. How would I be able to link this to monthly tabs, so if I wanted to select a tab for January this would show me the service dates due in January?
Well, you do not necessarily need a Jan tab, you could just filter on the date column and choose Jan as the month