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I have a number of linked spreadsheets. In the past the destination spreadsheet could be opened first and then the source sheets without a problem. Now if the destination spreadsheet is opened first, when the source sheets are opened all of the formulae are corrupted losing the Tab name from the refernce and displaying '#Ref'

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opening order should not make any difference. If you open the destination first, it can not necessarily

update information from source before it is opened too. But causing reference error sounds odd.

Have you copied source worksheets to another location while destination worksheet has been closed ?


That can lead to reference error, because old file location of source workbooks doe not match any more. Another possibility is that you have renamed source workbooks worksheets while destination

workbook has been closed.


attached two excel-workbooks ( source and destination with formulas )


Hi@Olli Haavisto 


Thanks for your response - your files worked once I had saved them on my laptop. I am working on a VPN link and believe it is to do with the Automatic checking of files downloaded over the internet - when I disabled this my links remain in place despite which order I open he files.