Linked Excel to Word - Word not updating data

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Good morning,


I have linked a Word and Excel file using the paste link option, however, when I change the data in Excel file, it does not update the Word file.


Also, I am not linking an array, but I am linking cells from different locations in the Excel file to different locations in a Word doc table. I want all the values to update, rather than having to update individual values.


The idea is, when I drop the Excel file in to the same folder as the Word file, it will update all the values in the Word file.


p.s. I am using MS 365 at work , so I am assuming that these are the latest versions of Excel and Word.

I would appreciate any assistance.


Thank you.

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From hazy memory, this is not the way it works.  Excel does not PUSH updates into Word, Word PULLS updates from Excel.  The way people normally do this in Word is to 1 Press CTRL-A (to select all), 2 Right-click and select "Update Field" from dropdown menu.